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The foundations of the ERDOĞU Brand were laid in 1971 with a commercial partnership formed by the brothers Güngör ERYAŞAR, Kemal ERYAŞAR and Enver ERYAŞAR. With the COLLECTIVE COMPANY contract created in 1976 , he took the first step towards incorporation as “DOĞU MARKETING AND SALES WAREHOUSE ENVER ERYAŞAR AND PARTNERS COLLECTIVE COMPANY”_cc781905-5cde-3194_bad5cf358-

In 1977, it started its commercial activities with S. Ünsal DOĞANOĞLU under the name of MERKEZ MEDİKAL COLLECTIVE COMPANY in Erzurum. MERKEZ MEDİKAL KOLL. ŞTİ's commercial life was terminated and the company partner Ünsal DOĞANOĞLU, ERDOĞU PAZARLAMA KOLL. STI. has decided to engage in commercial activities in this company as a partner. At the same time, Selahattin ARDAHANLI, who has worked with devotion in the company since the establishment of the company, has also gained the status of partner and the company's structure has been strengthened.


Ksince its establishmentOur company, which operates with a corporate understanding; even in all kinds of negative conditions in its commercial life, it was able to show a real development success. Our company, which has succeeded in being among the institutions that pay the highest income tax in Erzurum, was awarded in 2002 by both the Ministry of Finance and the Erzurum Chamber of Commerce, in addition to the plaques it has received for decades.


In addition to the TSE Service Place Competence Certificate owned by Erdogu Pazarlama, a new step towards institutionalization was taken by obtaining the ISO 9001 – 2000 certificates, which were decided to be obtained in 2004 for our company, at the beginning of 2006.

Our company, which has always been represented by the same Board of Directors from the day it was founded until 2013; S. Ünsal Doğanoğlu resigned from the Board of Directors voluntarily in order to pave the way for our young friends who came from behind and to provide them with the opportunity to progress. In accordance with the decision taken at the General Assembly of 2014 held on 08.03.2015, the management was transferred to professional friends trained within the company.


As a result of Selahattin Ardahanlı's resignation from the Chairmanship of the Board of Directors in 2015 at his own request, it was decided that one of the company employees, İsa Ceylan, would become the Chairman of the Board of Directors in the 2015 General Assembly and work by establishing his staff.    

Erdogu Pazarlama A.S. It continued its activities by taking the decision to open a branch in Istanbul in 2013. In accordance with the decision taken to make this branch operating in Şerifali Tatlısu Neighborhood more active, the Istanbul branch was moved to Uphill Towers in 2014 and then to its current address, Çamlık Mah. He continues his work at the address of İkbal Caddesi Keten Sokak No 37. Ümraniye / Istanbul.      


Erdogu Pazarlama A.Ş.  With the partnerships of its partners with many companies addressing various business lines in the medical field and their independent Board of Directors; It is proud to maintain its respected place in the Turkish medical supplies market with more than half a century of experience.


Erdogu Pazarlama A.S. With its power from the past and its prestige in the market, it is experiencing the deep pleasure of being able to maintain our position in the market without compromising our understanding of "Reliable name, quality service and to continue its commercial life by adding new rings over the years.

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