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Final excision of anal fistulas

  • Controlled cut

  • Minimizes tissue trauma

  • Fast uptime

FiXcision: Convincingly simple

The FiXcision device enables peripheral tissue removal to treat simple anal fistulas. This is done in just a few simple steps:

  • Proving the fistula tract

  • Compression of the affected tissue by adding a guide

  • Tissue removal of the entire periphery of the fistula tract by cutting alongside the guide

Comfort Drain

Prolonged drainage for anal fistulas

  • Greatly increased comfort for the patient

  • Completely closed loop: first knot-free drainage

  • First medical device approved for this purpose

  • Less inflammatory skin irritation in preparation for fistula surgery

  • Improved shutdown

Comfort Drain - convincingly simple

Comfort Drain is the first route of long-term drainage for the treatment of inter-, trans- and supra-sphincteric fistulas designed for knot-free closure, thus offering patients the maximum possible comfort. The first medical device specifically approved for this purpose, Comfort Drain consists of a flexible probe, silicone drainage, and a unique closure mechanism that requires neither knots nor suture material. Soft silicone drainage is positioned with the probe and then the two ends are joined to form a closed loop. This serves to promote fibrosis in the fistula tract, providing a safe means of preparation for subsequent fistula surgery.

In the case of Comfort Drainage, less is definitely more: the simple closure makes the surgeon's work in the operating room both easier and more efficient, while the miniaturization of the drainage system and the absence of extra sutures and knots ensure that patients enjoy less skin irritation and a higher level of comfort, especially when sitting. It means. With the average adult spending 11.5 hours each day in a sitting position, prolonged drainage of anal fistulas may represent a significant impairment in daily life. This is where Comfort Drain really comes into its own.


Comfort Drain from AMI consists of three components:

  1. metal probe

  2. silicone drainage

  3. Polypropylene closure

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TRILOGY – Locate. ligate lift.

  • All without cables.

  • The new wireless way to treat hemorrhoids.

  • The third generation HAL-RAR equipment combines all the advantages of these procedures with the world's first wireless technology for Doppler-guided treatment of hemorrhoids.

Soft Anal Band

Long-term implant for the treatment of fecal incontinence in adults

  • All parts are implanted subcutaneously

  • Positioning of components is patient specific

  • A quick glance shows whether the sphincter is closed

  • Closing pressure can be easily adjusted at any time

Fecal incontinence affects both women and men of all ages and can significantly impair their quality of life. This can lead to serious mental disorders, which can lead to isolation and depression. Also, many of the patients are elderly people who need home care, which is made more difficult by incontinence.

The AMI Soft Anal Tape is a long-term implant for the treatment of faecal incontinence in adults. Subcutaneous implantation means that body cavities do not need to be opened.

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