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PulsioFlex Monitor

It is a modular platform with intelligent visualization for advanced patient monitoring. 

PulsioFlex is a flexible platform with intelligent visualization for advanced hemodynamic patient monitoring. Thanks to modular expandability and the availability of our efficient monitoring technologies, the system can be tailored to the individual needs of each patient at any time:

  • Meeting your information needs

  • Appropriate for your clinical setting (OR, ER, ICU)

  • Tailored to your patient's risk level

CeVOX Technology

Provides continuous monitoring of central venous oxygen saturation. CeVOX Technology uses the method of spectrophotometry. ScvO 2 provides responsive information about the patient's hemodynamic status. ScvO 2  is much more sensitive than blood pressure and heart rate to detect shock from any source. 


LEMON Technology

It provides non-invasive monitoring of liver function or splanchnic perfusion.

LEMON is a non-invasive measurement of liver function and splanchnic perfusion monitoring technology based on the elimination of Indocyanine Green (ICG). ICG is a fluorescent dye. It is designed for intravenous injection. The absorption and emission spectrum of ICG is in both the near infrared and infrared ranges. Therefore, it can be detected and quantified by optical procedures. 


It is a component of the PulsioFlex monitoring concept. Based on more than 20 years of research with the PiCCO pulse contour algorithm, ProAQT allows a reliable and physiological interpretation of the patient's hemodynamic status. ProAQT technology supports targeted therapy and allows for review of interventions to evaluate their success.

Within minutes, the monitoring interval can be expanded to include variables such as blood flow, volume response, afterload, and contraction. The ProAQT sensor is simply integrated into the existing blood pressure measurement system.


  • Recognize the indecision, make the right decision - before!

  • Easy installation using existing arterial line

  • Manual calibration possible with reference cardiac output

  • Based on PiCCO pulse contour algorithm

  • Integrated signal LED improves safety

NICCI Technology.jpg

NICCI Technology

Advanced Hemodynamic Monitoring at your fingertips

NICCI is the latest innovation in Advanced Hemodynamic Monitoring that provides continuous and non-invasive hemodynamic information.  NICCI helps guide individual treatment decisions by reliably providing dynamic parameters such as mean arterial pressure (MAP), cardiac index (CI), stroke volume change (SVV) and pulse pressure change (PPV). . 

Based on the pulse contour analysis, NICCI analyzes the pressure curve and derives parameters that provide valuable information about blood flow, preload, afterload, as well as contraction.


Ultimate hemodynamic monitoring

Monitoring of physiological parameters is essential for the targeted management of intensive care patients. Highly invasive monitoring methods have been established in clinical practice for many years, but are increasingly becoming the center of critical debate. The solution is PiCCO Technology.

Simplify hemodynamics and learn to understand complex conditions with PiCCO. 

PiCCO helps identify key hemodynamic parameters of critically ill patients

  • Bedside measurement of pulmonary edema

  • Measuring cardiac preload

  • Several arterial access points inc. for pediatric patients 

  • Precise, calibrated Cardiac Output – beat to beat

  • Volumetric preload parameter instead of filling pressures

  • Afterload, contractility, volume response

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