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The RIRC procedure is a discipline that is beginning to gain wide acceptance in stone treatment and has come to be accepted as the gold standard in most cases. It provides a serious alternative to other methods such as ESWL and PCNL, with its high success rate in terms of its entry method, leaving no scars and stone-free rate.

With the advancement of technology, Video products have started to find a place for themselves in Urology clinics as an alternative to fiberscopes.

In addition to all the features of Flex-X2S, the conventional version of Flex-XC, it offers practical use and a much clearer image.

The feeling of looking behind a tulle curtain in the use of conventional Fiberscope URS ends with the use of Video URS. With the C-MOS chip at the tip, your image is digitized and reaches you, with high image quality, your case time is shortened and your surgical comfort increases.

Molecular Imaging Systems

Stop guessing, know

The purpose of Molecular Imaging is to reach advanced tissue diagnosis during the operation through the image obtained from the surgical field by using certain spectra of light. For this, an agent such as ICG or the body's own fluorescence is used. KARL STORZ created the OPAL1 technology and became a pioneer in molecular imaging by adding appropriate camera heads, telescope and light source to the IMAGE1 S™ imaging platform.

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Rigid Ureterorenoscopy

Key features:

  • Possibility of atraumatic treatment with gradually increasing diameter thickness

  • High success rate in pediatric patients and narrow ureters with the new Ultra Thin URS (6.5 Fr.)

  • 7 Fr. / 8 Fr. / 9.5 Fr / 10.5 Fr diameter option

  • 6 Fr. / 6 Fr. working channel alternative

  • Possibility to create a set suitable for your needs with different instrument ports and forceps options

  • Flat visor alternative specially developed for Holmium Laser use

C-MAC® Video Laryngoscope

Today, parallel to the development of technology, our video laryngoscopes, which enable intubation to be performed with a wider angle than monitors, enable intubation to be performed both safely and faster. It offers practical solutions in every situation with its blades of different sizes and monitors of different sizes.

  • High resolution 7'' monitor (1280×800 pixels)

  • 2 hours of use with a lithium-ion battery

  • Capable of video/picture via SD card for training and archiving

  • 2 separate inputs to connect to other monitors with video output, to connect flexible and blades at the same time.

  • Reusable MACINTOSH BLADE: 0,2,3,4

  • Reusable SHAFT: 0, 1

  • Disposable Shafts: 0.1

  • Disposable Macintosh Blade: 3.4

  • Kids D-BLADE™ specially designed for DIFFICULT INTUBATION

  • Adult D-BLADE™ specially designed for DIFFICULT INTUBATION


Flexible Systems

Flexible products are still considered the gold standard in the world. Karl Storz continues to be one step ahead of the developing technology with its flexible product range. In addition to its fiberoptic products, it is highly appreciated with its newly released FIVE (Flexible Intubation Video Endoscope). It offers fast and easy use, especially with its image clarity and lightness.

FIVE(Flexible Intubation Video Endoscope)

  • The gold standard in difficult intubation…

  • 385 g weight….

  • 4:3 dimensional high-definition video image…

  • Direct connection to 7″ C-MAC® monitor…

  • Compact and ergonomic design…

  • Clearer image with CMOS Chip technology…

  • Possibility to record videos and pictures via Handle…

  • Integrated LED light source…


KARL STORZ is the leading company in endoscopic imaging. Milestones such as the world's first FULL HD endoscope camera were followed by Karl Storz FULL HD 3D endoscopic cameras. High-resolution advanced sensor technology and high-performance image processing electronics, along with innovations in display technology, lead to continuous improvement.

The FULL HD system from KARL STORZ, the IMAGE1 S has a modular design and can therefore be optimally adapted to various requirements. This modular design principle ensures system expansion and a high level of efficiency in the future. Various S-Technologies enable surgeons to modify the endoscopic image through homogeneous illumination or by increasing dynamic contrast. In addition, the color tone variation makes it easier to distinguish between tissue types.

In addition to high-end cameras for rigid and flexible endoscopy, KARL STORZ's product range offers different solutions in the field of human and veterinary endoscopy with its mobile solutions that combine an integrated LED light source, LED monitor and documentation unit.

The product range for lighting ranges from high-intensity XENON to modern LED light source and mobile light source.

It should not be forgotten that Endoscopic Imaging is a chain and the importance of each link that makes up a chain. Considering that a chain is as strong as its weakest link, all its components must be in good condition and work in harmony with each other in order to get the highest level of performance from an imaging system.



Karl Storz offers solutions in open and microsurgery as well as endoscopic imaging systems.

With Vitom products offered for open and microsurgery,

  • Registration possibility

  • ergonomic posture

  • Image enlargement

  • Use of S-Technologies

  • ICG applications

solutions are offered for many needs such as

Operating Room Systems

The rapid development of medical technology has given surgeons the opportunity to use new techniques, but it is a fact that more than classical working areas are needed to benefit from these advantages. The operating room environment has undergone radical changes in parallel with the developments in the field of minimally invasive surgery since the 90s.

Since the end of the 90s, KARL STORZ has been a pioneer in bringing solutions to the adaptation of operating rooms to these developments with the integrated operating room system OR1.

KARL STORZ OR1 integrated operating room systems;

  • efficient and intuitive workflow,

  • simple data recording and documentation

  • Unobstructed transfer of images, audio and data into and out of the operating room

It includes the 'magic triangle' that redefines the ergonomics of the operating room by perfecting the solutions for such needs.

The KARL STORZ OR1 system makes the entire surgical environment – endoscopic instruments, video and data sources, surgical table, lights, etc. – accessible from the sterile field and customizable according to needs.

Thanks to the perfect integration of video and audio systems inside and outside the operating room, mutual broadcasts for teleconference, telesurgery or educational purposes can be made easily.

With all these features, OR1 increases the efficiency of the operating room, which is the heart of the hospital, and makes a significant contribution to the benefit of the surgeon, patient and hospital from the operating room.



Karl Storz offers solutions in open and microsurgery as well as endoscopic imaging systems.

With Vitom products offered for open and microsurgery,

  • Registration possibility

  • ergonomic posture

  • Image enlargement

  • Use of S-Technologies

  • ICG applications

solutions are offered for many needs such as

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