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Bipolar Resectoscopy

bipolar technology; It has been developed to minimize the current flowing through the patient, as well as to enable more effective cutting and coagulation.

Since the irrigation fluid used is conductive (Isotonic), the use of the patient plate has been abolished, and the current does not flow over the patient, but is discharged through the neutral plate fixed on the electrode.

Minimally Invasive PCNL(MIP)

Surgical techniques are increasingly being performed with instruments and telescopes with smaller diameters and higher image quality, thanks to the ever-evolving technologies. Minimally Invasive PCNL products add a new dimension to percutaneous stone surgery as a result of this approach.

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15Fr. Bipolar Resectoscope

Karl Storz; In order to increase the awareness of endoscopy in the branch of Obstetrics and Gynecology and to popularize its preference, it provides companionship to doctors with the training support it provides, as well as the high-tech devices and instruments it has produced for many years.

The hysteroscopy method, which is routinely used in clinics for the diagnosis and treatment of intrauterine disorders, is now increasingly used in private practice.

The decreasing size of the instruments used in the operation makes it possible to perform conventional invasive surgery more effectively and with minimum trauma.

Karl Storz; By playing an active role in this development, it offers its users hysteroscopes, amnioscopes and fetoscopes in a wide variety of diameters.

In addition to the endoscopes routinely used in Gynecology and Obstetrics, Karl Storz's product range includes; It also includes endoscopes and instruments for newer procedures such as Transvaginal Endoscopy (TVE) and Phthaloscopy.

A wide range of products, especially many manipulator options for laparoscopic surgery, are in the Karl Storz product portfolio.


Cardiovascular surgery has been performed since the 1950s, but endoscopic cardiovascular surgery has been developing for the last 10-12 years. In the field of endoscopic cardiovascular surgery, Karl STORZ  continues its services in this field with the products it has developed.

With endoscopic cardiovascular surgery, repair of holes in the heart, removal of heart tumors and arrhythmia surgery can be performed. In addition, saffen and radial vein removal surgeries can also be performed endoscopically.

The advantages of endoscopic cardiovascular surgery are only a small incision  opening a small incision is sufficient and does not create an aesthetic appearance, the risk of bleeding and infection is lower, the need for blood is less, postoperative pain is less, the patient's length of stay in hospital gets shorter.


Drillcut XII 35k

The DRILLCUT X II handpiece is currently the lightest and most ergonomic on the market. It allows doctors to use it in the form of a pen or gun grip.

Video Rhino-Laryngoscope

In these products, where the image processing chip is located at the distal end of the fiberoscope, it is possible to examine the anatomy with a rigid telescope quality image, freed from the "honeycomb image" effect.

The best quality images can be taken with CCD chips that provide high resolution images. When used with the Karl Storz IMAGE1 S platform, the entire anatomy can be examined in the most detailed way. It is an ideal product especially for doctors who want recording and archiving.

When used with the Telepack X LED compact imaging system, it allows the most detailed stroboscopy examination.



Spinal Surgery is a field in which Karl Storz pioneered the use of endoscopy all over the world. With the increase in spinal disorders in developed countries in recent years, patients will be able to return to work as soon as possible, causing the least pain and discomfort; The need to develop new treatment methods arose.

The Karl Storz product range includes complete endoscopic lumbar discectomy (for interlaminar-posterolateral-transforaminal approaches), endoscope-assisted lumbar microdiscectomy, as well as laparoscopic and thoracoscopic spinal surgery sets for current indications. In addition, systems that allow recording of open surgeries have been added to the product range.


KARL STORZ brand, which has assumed the leadership of the endoscopy industry since its establishment, has taken great steps to be among the market leaders in the field of ARTROSCOPY, especially with the Shaver and Arthropump device, which it has developed in recent years and is considered among the best in the market.

In addition to being accepted as the best in the world for the quality of Arthroscope produced with exclusive Camera systems and Hopkins II technology, the presentation of both the profile thinness and the highest level of durability in Arthroscopic hand tools, the intensive laboratory for the development of arthroscopic consumables and implants, and the clinical practice it conducts with leading users. As a result of its efforts, it draws attention with its product range that is developing every day.

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In facelift and blepharoplasty, Karl Storz makes a difference in the market with its detachable ergonomic designs, high quality and variety of instruments that stand out with their lightness and precision. Thanks to the increased image quality and amount of light through optical and light retractors, the speed and safety of surgery are also increased.



Surgical sets are frequently used for the examination and treatment of diseases that may occur in the organs located in the lungs and rib cage of the thoracic surgery department. Thanks to thoracoscopic developments and advances used in the identification of pleural irregularities, diagnostic procedures in the thorax region  have been switched to minimally invasive. These developments enable the detection and resection of mediastinal tumors and the removal of lymph nodes by endoscopic surgery performed in the mediastinum. It continues to be used with rigid or flexible instruments and optical forceps in all bronchoscopic approaches.

While Karl Storz offers you surgical sets that you can use for all these needs, you can perform your surgical procedures with effective imaging systems that you can use in all interventions in the thoracic region, and record them with our systems for data and documentation. In the meantime, you can perform your surgical procedures with better images with head lighting and holding arm systems and medical monitors that will help you.


Rectoscopy and proctoscopy; It is frequently used in the diagnosis and treatment of rectal diseases. By combining these imaging methods with video endoscopy, the diagnosis becomes much clearer. One of the benefits of video endoscopy in the field of proctology is that it allows minimally invasive techniques that require more detail.

For all these indications; Karl Storz can also be applied in hospitals and practices; It serves the health sector with its wide range of products in the video endoscopic application of biopsy, polyp resection, hemorrhoidal disease treatment and transanal surgery operations.



Laparoscopy is the examination and treatment of the abdominal cavity with the aid of a rigid telescope. It is a method that has been used for abdominal and pelvic organs for many years.

Karl Storz quickly realized the importance of laparoscopy; As a result of all these experiences and experiences, he has developed endoscopes and instruments by working extensively in the fields of general surgery, urology, obstetrics and pediatric surgery. Karl Storz  laparoscopy product range includes more than 6 thousand products. Highlights are Robi Bipolar Hand Tools, Mini Laparoscopy Sets, BERCI Asia Concealer and Endocamaleon.



Endoscopic examinations used in digestive system diseases constitute one of the most important procedures of modern gastroenterology today. In Gastroenterology Departments, the need for endoscopy units prepared in ideal conditions where physicians and health personnel can work more comfortably for endoscopic examinations and procedures is also increasing. Karl Storz offers you all the endoscopic imaging systems, video endoscopes and archiving system of visual documents, including the lower and upper gastrointestinal video endoscopy system, made for diagnosis and treatment purposes required by modern medicine in the field of gastroenterology.

Combi LED Cold Light Source, Silverline Video Duedonoscope, Telepack X GI and Silverline Interventional Video Gastroscope are the prominent products.


It is a branch of science that applies the diagnosis and treatment methods of surgical diseases related to the congenital and/or acquired respiratory, digestive and excretory systems of childhood (0-17 years old) from the neonatal period to adulthood.

Karl Storz offers solutions in the field of Pediatric Surgery with a wide range of products in the main fields of laparoscopic and thoracoscopic surgical interventions, urological interventions, digestive system surgery, oncological surgery, pediatric endocrine surgery, pediatric gynecology, diagnostic and interventional endoscopic applications, trauma surgery, and pediatric surgery.




Endoscopic interventions in Neurosurgery applications have become the focus of attention all over the world in recent years. With its endovision (imaging) systems, Karl Storz leads the world in Endoscopic Imaging with its high image quality and efficient service network.

The image taken in the intervention is processed, displayed, recorded with high quality with Karl Storz endovision systems and can even be directed to the hospital PACS system.

Advances in minimally invasive technology offer new opportunities for diagnosis and treatment in Neurosurgery, particularly intracranial pathologies. In addition, GENTEK Medikal, which has joined forces with the KARL STORZ brand, which has assumed the leadership of the endoscopy sector since its establishment, and has been serving in the field of Neuroendoscopy, where it is unrivaled, continues on its way to provide our neurosurgeons with the solutions they need.

According to the requirements of the operation, advanced technology rigid or flexible telescopes are now used in intracranial and skull base surgery. With telescopes with different angles such as 0°, 30°, 45°, 70° and 120°, the doctor can look at anatomy in a much different way than the microscope previously allowed, and perform more successful surgeries.

In addition to intracranial solutions, different sets have been designed for spinal surgery. For detailed information about spinal sets, please click here.

The main proven indications for the use of endoscopy in neurosurgery are;

  • Non-communicated (unrelated) hydrocephalus (ventriculostomy),

  • Intraventricular tumors and cysts,

  • Arachnoidal cyst and cystic cerebral tumors,

  • Endoscope assisted neurosurgery,

  • Transnasal transsphenoidal pituitary and skull base surgery.

Apart from endoscopy, Karl Storz aims to serve more for Brain and Nerve Surgery operations with its newly designed microsurgery hand tools and new high speed neurosurgery motor.


  • The most important vital sign of a human being, which starts from the moment he is born and is used to indicate that he dies, is his breathing. During his life; spontaneous or artificial, comfortable or difficult, but somehow breathing, breathing is the main thing….

  • Anesthesiology is a science that includes a series of medical applications developed to ensure that the patient does not feel pain, comfort and tolerate the intervention during the operation, including before and after the operation.

  • Intubation is the process of placing a suitable tube in terms of shape, diameter and structure into the trachea through the nose or mouth in order to keep the airway open in surgical and anesthesia applications.

  • Karl Storz has been a pioneer in the production and marketing of airway management products to assist intubation tube placement for 60 years, and continues to develop in this regard.

  • It has a product range  that will facilitate and accelerate the intubation procedures of patients with normal and difficult airways.

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