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Infusion Systems

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Bene Fusion n Series

Smart touch, Safe drug therapy

With a large capacitive full touchscreen and intuitive interface, the BeneFusion n Series delivers a state-of-the-art experience along with superior ease-of-use, providing greater precision and greater workflow efficiency. 7 inch full touch screen makes daily operations smoother and more effortless. A highly intuitive interface simplifies clinical workflow with an elegant layout of critical parameters. With its all-in-one design, the BeneFusion n Series offers exceptional versatility for a variety of clinical purposes, resulting in easier management and higher business efficiency.

Flexible placement solution ranging from 2-24 slots provides a comprehensive solution for various infusion scenarios.
The BeneFusion tDS transfer docking station provides a safe, simple and efficient transfer.
The tool-free design makes it easy to expand the slots as you wish.

Bene Fusion e Series

Workflow Efficiency

The 3.5 inch color capacitive touch screen gives users a perfect experience with smooth operation.
The intuitive user interface enables quick programming of key parameters, making the workflow process much easier.

BeneFusion eDS's modular docking design allows easy expansion from 2 slots to 16 slots.

Intelligent design allows for easy installation of pumps.

BeneVisionTM CMS provides one-stop monitoring of all patients' vital signs and infusion therapy details, providing clinicians with comprehensive information to improve the quality of patient care.

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bene fusion 5 serisi.jpeg

Bene Fusion 5 Series

Mindray developed the BeneFusion 5 Series infusion pump system with years of in-depth insight into clinical needs. He is set to redefine SAFE infusion with various safety features and more importantly through a brand new concept he created regarding SAFE infusion: Smart system, Accurate infusion, User friendly design and Easy connection.

The Dynamic Pressure System (DPS), which monitors pressure with numerical and graphical plots, can help paramedics anticipate congestion to prevent potential risks.

The DERS Drug Library with color-coded drug names helps minimize the risk of medication errors. Meanwhile, an alert is activated when the soft/hard limit is reached to prevent potentially fatal over- or under-infusions, enabling paramedics to adopt standard practices regarding drug concentrations and dosing units for improved patient safety.

High real-time infusion stability is achieved with overall mechanical accuracy;

With the algorithm to compensate for deformed IV sets, high accuracy is guaranteed for long hours.

Bene Fusion 3 Series

The BeneFusion 3 Series has an easy-to-use concept that simplifies the infusion workflow, provides basic solutions that meet a variety of clinical needs, and contributes to worry-free clinical practice by providing highly accurate and safe infusions.

Highly accurate sensing sensors: Contribute to safe infusion by helping to identify risks and hazards caused by occlusion and air bubbles.

Dynamic Pressure System (DPS): Monitors pressure with numerical and graphical plots to help paramedics anticipate congestion to prevent potential risks.

Anti-bolus: Helps prevent excessive drug infusion upon occlusion release.

Rapid onset: The first drop is given within 2 to 3 seconds and is administered at the time of treatment.

Titration: Allows continuous drug infusion by easily changing the flow rate without stopping the pump.

mindray benefusion 3 series.jpeg
mindray benefusion1series.jpeg

Bene Fusion 1 Series

Compact design that is lightweight and easy to carry

Quick start function providing effective drug therapy in a timely manner

Long battery runtime providing continuous infusion

Intuitive use and easy setup

IP34 protection

Meets EN-1789 standard, supports use in ambulance

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