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Sensor™ Dual-Flex PTFE-Nitinol Guidewires with Hydrophilic Tip (10 cm Flexible Proximal End)

The gold standard in guide wires. For nearly two decades, it has been the hybrid wire technology of choice among surgeons who value consistent performance in routine and challenging cases.
Dual-Flex Advantage; It has a flexible 10 cm proximal tip to facilitate passage and is designed to minimize the risk of ureteroscope damage.

Zebra™ Urological Guidewires

The guide wire that shows you the way. Striped jacketed Nitinol wire designed to provide excellent visual feedback and handling. Available on the distal 60cm Uro-Glide™ Coating designed to reduce surface friction for smooth entry, advancement and retraction with precise proximal handling.

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Amplatz Super Stiff™ PTFE Coated Guidewires

The flat wire outer coil allows the larger inner core to provide additional shaft stiffness. Percutaneous placement of the Amplatz Super Rigid Guidewire downstream of the ureter is designed to facilitate dilation of the percutaneous pathway. Atraumatic flex tip options are available in a variety of profiles, including the 3.5 cm flex tip, 6 cm Bentson, 7 cm Bentson and 3 mm J-Tip.

PTFE™Coated Guidewires (Fixed Core)

It is a PTFE coated stainless steel wire. It is available in a variety of diameters and tip configurations to suit your preferences, patients and procedures, and is designed so you can safely correct curved anatomies and deliver heavier instruments.

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ZIPwire™ Hydropilic Guidewires

The rigid shaft ZIPwire Guidewire is designed to increase pushability, help correct curved anatomy, and facilitate advancement of devices. It has a completely hydrophilic structure.

Navigator™ HD Ureteral Access Sheath Set

Provides ureteral dilation and working channel for placement of ureteroscopes and devices during ureteroscopic procedures. Designed for ease of placement on sheath and dilator. The enhanced coating is designed for durability in two-sided situations.

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Navigator™ Ureteral Access Sheath Set

Reinforced with a stainless steel coil designed to provide stability and strength through the tortuous anatomy

UroMax Ultra™ Balloon Dilatation Catheters

      _cc781905-5cdelid d r d d _cc583194-bb3b-db3b- d r d r d d d d _cc583194-raddebd r r d r d _cc583194-raddeb r d r d r d r d _cc583194-radd designed balloon dilation catheter. Available as a kit or single balloon. This kit is; Includes  UroMax™ Balloon and Encore™ 26 Inflation Device with pressure gauge

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Encore™ 26 Inflator

High pressure inflation device designed to apply pressure for balloon inflation and deflation. Encore Inflation Device assists controlled one-step balloon inflation. 20ml Inflation capacity with pressure gauge. Large printed pressure gauge dial with finger lock mechanism for one-step locking and pressure relief.

Passport™ Balloon Dilatation Catheters

Balloon dilatation catheter mounted on a guidewire designed for radial dilatation of the urinary tract, incorporating a low profile catheter (3F) for ureteroscopic placement. 3F catheter (min. Working channel 3.4F) designed to advance with flexible ureteroscopes to reduce downtime or additional scope changes. Available as a kit or single balloon

  • Kit includes Passport Balloon and Encore™ 26 Inflator with pressure gauge

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Occluder™ Occlusion Balloon Catheters

Occlusion balloon designed to prevent migration of stone fragments down the ureter during PCNL procedures. Conformable balloon designed for occlusion of the ureter. Radiopaque, flexible catheter shaft. Low deflated balloon profile for ease of insertion. Facilitates retrograde injection of contrast medium throughout the procedure.

  • Available in inflated balloon sizes 26 and 34F.


 Disposable Digital Flexible Ureteroscope changes the way you think about flexible ureteroscopy. It offers high-quality visualization and detailed high-resolution digital images for navigation to help you remove stones quickly, safely and economically.

With a new scope every time you open the LithoVue Ureteroscope package, you eliminate the inconsistent performance 2-5 and maintenance hassles 6-8 associated with reusable scopes .  This means no degradation of scope performance over time due to costly scope repairs, scope maintenance, scope rework, and rework. 2.8  You and your team no longer need to spend time and money on sterilization. There are no delays or cancellations due to lack of coverage availability.

Instead, you can safely start each case with a new case. High quality digital binoculars that provide true 270˚ deflection in both directions, as well as superior image quality from fiber optic technology comparable to leading digital reusable binoculars. 9  So you can clearly see and safely treat a wide variety of stones and other urological conditions.

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Women's Health/ Advantage Fit™

The Transvaginal Mid-urethral Suspension System has a 46% thinner shaft and 17% tighter curve designed to reduce insertion force and leave the tape closer to the pubic bone. 

Boston Scientific offers a complete portfolio of solutions to treat stress urinary incontinence, giving you the control and confidence to treat patients with your preferred surgical approach. Advantage Fit and Advantage Mid-urethral Suspension Systems are available in original clear mesh and AdvantageTM blue mesh, providing enhanced visibility and used on more than 1 Million Advantage products.

Women's Health/Obtryx™ II

The PrecisionBlueTM Designed Transobturator Midurethral Sling System is an advanced feature transobturator sling designed to provide smooth sling placement, intraoperative adjustability designed for minimal tissue disruption, and increased physician visualization aiding precise sling placement.

The Mesh implant is designed as a suburethral sling for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence caused by urethral hypermobility and/or lack of intrinsic sphincter. The delivery devices are intended for use as an aid in the placement, placement, fixation, and fixation of the surgical mesh during urogynecological procedures.


The mesh implant is contraindicated in the following patients:

• Pregnant patients, patients with potential to grow in the future, or patients who are considering growing up in the future.

• Patients with soft tissue pathology where the implant will be placed.

• Patients with any pathology that could compromise implant placement. • Healing patients with any pathology such as blood supply restrictions or infections that may cause danger.

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